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Date: Sun 15th Sept 2024

Meeting Time: 3.30pm in Aveton Gifford Car Park (next to the roundabout)


Enjoy the bucket list swim! A 5.5km tide assisted swim into Bantham, down the river Avon. Enjoy some beautiful seculded valleys, and experience the thrill of the final Swoosh. The Swoosh gets up to 8 knots and is great fun to bob down the river with the outgoing tide.


Suitable for breaststroke, or front crawlers, you need to be happy in the water for at least 2 hours. This swim is up to you if you wear skins/wetsuit.

You will be contacted a few weeks before your swim with finer details about the swim, and then again within 48h to confirm the swim, and give any details about weather etc.


To purchase this swim for multiple people, please add multiple to your basket, and multiple names in to the boxes.



-If we need to cancel, we offer a full refund, or free transfer to another date

-If you cancel 30 days before your swim we offer a full refund minus 10% admin fee per booking.

-If you cancel 14 days before your swim we offer a 50% refund

-If you cancel less than 14 days before your swim there is no refund



- Towfloat (mandatory, can be hired for £3pp)
- Wetsuit or swimsuit

- Goggles, earplugs, gloves, booties etc

- Hat (Provided)

- Car parking money
- Post swim warm clothes 

- Post swim food and drink (snack and hot drink are provided)

Sun 15th Sept - Ride The Tide: The Avon Swoosh

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